AI Mastering

Listen to the difference

AI Mastering

Listen to the difference

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The process takes around 1 - 2 minutes depending on file length
The maximum allowed file length is 15 minutes

All uploaded and mastered audio files are deleted automatically after 3 days by our system.


What is the Loudness war?

Since the era of online streaming and digital music listening, it has become more & more normal to just crank everything up over what is considered to be "acceptable" from the mastering engineer's perspective. And by doing making everything as LOUD as possible you lose any form of dynamics in the audio.


What is Dynamics?

The dynamic of the audio is what gives any audio soul. It is what you feel when you listen to the audio tracks. Without any dynamics, you won't experience any new areas of the tracks that might have been put there by a mistake or deliberately by the artists who created the audio.


What does our AI mastering do?

Our smart system doesn't just do predefined settings on your track. It will first analyze your track and then it will do some leveling and compression on parts that require this. It will look at the stereo field and the mono field and find a good balance and a couple of other techniques. But what is most important is that we don’t crank your song up so high that it will completely lose its dynamics. You will get a great master from your mix, that enhances the track and that doesn’t break the song.


How do I get a top-quality master?

Do not upload an already mastered audio that has been put through a limiter on the master bus and don't use a compressed audio file like an MP3 file

How does it work?


Our SMART system will analyse every bit of your song

With an intelligent algorithm we push your mix to the best possible version

True Peak

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There is no limit on how many times you can do it

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Our SMART advanced mastering algorithm is processing your audio

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Your audio is mastered and is the best version it possible can be.


What is Peak?

Peak is the term used to define when the audio volume is at its loudest point. When you are mastering you want to make sure that peak is as high as possible but without going over the limit. You also want to make sure that it is consistent throughout your track


What is RMS?

RMS is the average loudness level of your signal over a given time period using the average power of the signal.
This is the way you calculate the constant output of a speaker system. This is a crucial way to determine whether or not your song is mastered properly.


What is TRUE-PEAK?

True peak is really just a new version of peak. This is normally used or defined as a big player in what we call the Loudness war. True peak will analyse your track more accurate than peak, and will give a very different result if you use this to analyse your master and it is not always for the better if you want dynamic in your track.

LUFS (Loudness measured by human ear)

What is LUFS

LUFS (Loudness measured by human ear) This is the most important thing when creating your mix for a mastering, the more LUFS you have the higher the AUDIO will be percieved when listened to.