It is a statement you give your release, to tell everybody whether or not a song is with dirty lyrics or curse words.

Everybody major and some small, but as the current state of the music business is in, it will always be up to the individually streaming service or the store whether or not they want to accept and release your song. But to make sure your song is approved by as many streaming services as possible you may want to take a look at best practices here (LINK to BLOG)

Full distribution list here

Soundal has bought a small piece of the non-profit organization DiGiDi in Denmark so we can use that as a subcontractor. DiGiDi is a distribution company that has been around since 2003 and is today one of the very best in the game.

Minimum a couple of days, our system sends it to the stores for approval straight away when you submit your songs. But it is ultimately up to the streaming services and stores when they can have it ready. Some of them can have up to 4 weeks delivery time. So if you want to make some clever marketing and have everything up on every streaming service at the same time, our recommendation is to plan 4 weeks ahead. If you don’t care about having your songs up on every streaming service at the same time, and just want your music to be released now, set the release date to tomorrow and your music will be available as soon as the streaming services can deliver it. But it may be with some delay from different providers.

We provide a simple one-click link with every available store that has your song online. This also functions as an easy sharing option.

In your profile, you can see a revenues section. When we receive data on the performance and earnings of your release, you will be able to see how much money you have earned and request a payout

Yes. You need to earn at least a combined 40 USD from your releases before we can make a payout to you. Simply a safety measure to make sure you actually will begin to earn money from sales instead of just getting small pennies.

We don’t take any. everything you earn is yours

That is country determined. You will in most cases need to inform your country’s tax office and tell them what you earned. We do not handle taxes for you.

Put your record label name in the “Imprint” section of our release form. And it will be released under your record label name.

Our system is smart. Revenues from songs will be split equally with every involved in your songs. We make sure everybody gets a piece of the pie. You will have full statistics on what’s going on and you can only do payouts on your part of the revenue.

Yes. Just credit that person when releasing the song manually. We don’t however split revenues to persons that don’t exist as a user, so you are then in charge of sharing the revenue to that person.


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