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Easiest release formula to date.

We have the easiest release formula to date. You just upload your tracks and provide the metadata and press submit. Our system will figure out whether or not it is supposed to be an album, EP, or single. - it literally takes two minutes.

Copyrighted, monetized & secured

every release is copyrighted through European law. Which is the most secure copyright in the world. We also register with various content ID’s systems such as Shazaam, Youtube content ID, and Audible Magic (Music Rights ID) – read the full list here

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High-Quality AI Mastering

- Our mastering algorithm will analyze every bit of your song and make sure that it is ready for release.

How does it work (as a member of Soundal)

1. For best results upload your song in an uncompressed format (ex. wav)

2. Wait a couple of minutes let our algorithm do its job.

3. Download your mastered song

Worth mentioning

Every mastered and uploaded file will be deleted after 3 days. This is because you are granted unlimited mastering with your subscription and we don't want to clutter our server.

Soundal's algorithm for mastering is highly advanced. What the AI is doing is clearing up your mix and getting it as close to today's standard as possible. The AI will try to level out your mix so that the high-end and the low-end match well together. The AI will also take into consideration youtube peak limitation so your song won't break in a video. It will apply many different techniques to enhance your stereo field and mono field, whilst looking at your track at different band levels.

When the mastering process is done you should be able to hear a massive difference in clarity and peak level without your song is clipping.

If you hear no difference, then your song is greatly mastered already. If your song is clipping at a drum kick - your mix is not perfectly balanced or the individual peak setting for the drum channel is way too high. Bottom line is, the better the mix you provide the better the master.

Video Guide

How to distribute music on Soundal

This video will show you how to release your music, so you will get an understanding of how the system works.

Unlimited Access - New feature

High-Quality Sample Library

- Download what you need from our sample library and use it in your music. Everything is 100% royalty free

Every sample is unique

Our library is custom-created by our Sound engineers. You can use the Sample library as you want to no strings attached. We are developing new high-quality samples every week. We believe in quality rather than quantity.

Make a request

If you need something specific for your music we can take requests directly from you. You can write to us in the live chat when logged in as a member and we will do our best to provide you with what you need. - free of charge

Establish your network

Join the community

Be part of a fast-growing community. Connect with other members of soundal and get feedback or start a collaboration online

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Become more than you

Every active member of Soundal can create their own network of aspiring artists. Use each other's network and share each other's releases online on your social media. No one can make it on their own. This is a great tool for marketing.

Timeless project building

Work together online

- in a collaboration, we make sure everybody gets paid when the revenues come.

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Online Collaboration

You can work together with any member of Soundal should you both choose to. We have built an online project creator where you can share files and prepare your song for release. Every member of a project will automatically get a share of the revenues after the release.

Interactive builder

You can pin to top, chat in a project or put your collaboration up public if you need another one to join your project. every project will have one master file that you can change anytime. The master file is what other members can hear and what will be sent to the final release state.

It is yours

Keep 100% of your rights

- You get everything you earn

Branding by merchandise

Create your own merchandise

- and sell it instantly

Every artist is now able to create their own merchandise with their logo and brand on it. Buy some yourself for your gigs or put your merchandise on sale online directly from the builder. We take care of making & shipping to your customers and you get every penny you earn from sales.

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Keep track

Statistics overview

- of your releases and sales

Reliable customer service

You can always write to us

If you are in need of help with anything, we are always there for you to reach - we have fast and reliable customer service.